What is your production time?  Orders take approximately 10 business days (1-2 weeks) to handcraft before they ship. *time is subject to change with high order volume.

What shipping method do you use?  All orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority unless you request otherwise prior to ordering.

How long does International Shipping take?  Shipping times on International orders can vary from 1-3 weeks. Once your order arrives in the country of destination, it may be subject to the country's taxes and custom duties. Sweet Creek Leather is not responsible for collecting / charging these fees. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of charges that may occur at delivery / pick-up of imported goods.


Can I cancel my order?   Only if we haven't begun processing your order. Please contact us within 24 hours of purchase, as we strive to start working on each order as we receive it.

What is your return policy?   We are happy to exchange your item(s) for store credit only, if you contact us within FIVE days after receiving your order. Returned items must be unworn and in resale condition. We do require you, as the buyer, pay any shipping costs. We also recommend you purchase insurance on your returning items because in the event your items are lost or stolen in transit, Sweet Creek Leather will not be held liable. Once we receive your items we will inspect them, and issue you an in-store credit for the purchase amount (minus shipping charges). If we made a mistake with your order of course we'd be happy to exchange it for the correct item at no additional charge to you.


Can I get my leather wet?  No. We use high-quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather on most of our leather products. Although we seal them with a water-resistant sealant, leather is never "water proof". Our sealant does protect from everyday wear and weather changes, however, submerging your leather in water will cause it to fade, harden, or even have the acrylic paint chip off. We don't recommend swimming, bathing, or washing dishes in your leather. 

What do I do if my leather does get wet? If you do get it wet, simply pat it dry with a towel and allow your leather to dry naturally. Do not place it near heat. I personally love how each leather piece starts to take on it's own unique characteristics, including pieces that get some water spotting. Just wear it, have fun, and enjoy. 

Can I condition my leather? You shouldn't have to add any conditioner because leather will soften over time from the natural oils in your skin. However, if your leather does start to dry out you can add a light dab of leather conditioner to the inside of your leather cuff or earrings. Make sure it's only applied to the inside because some pieces are hand-painted with acrylic paint. E-mail us if you have questions.  

Can I apply essential oils to my Leather Cuffs and Earrings?  Yes. But only on specially marked items that are available under our "Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry" section. Simply Add 1-3 drops to the backsides only. Be aware that overtime your Leather items will naturally darkens from the natural oils in your skin, so adding essential oils will facilitate this process.


What do the backsides of your Leather Earrings look like?  The backsides will be left in one of our neutral base dye colors: Warm Brown, Desert Sand, or Chocolate. This assures that the backsides of your leather earrings remain breathable to absorb your essential oils. If you prefer to have the backsides of your Leather Earrings painted to match the front side please let us know in our "Notes to Seller" section at time of purchase.


Are your earrings lightweight? Yes! They're so lightweight you'll probably forget they're on. Each pair of earrings we offer only weighs about one ounce or less. So don't be confused on our item descriptions when you see "Leather Weight 5-6oz" Leather Weight is just a term that leather workers use to gauge the thickness of the leather hides, but has nothing to do with the literal weight of the item. I know it's confusing, but I didn't make it up. LOL! So basically when you see 5-6oz leather weight just means that the earrings you'll be purchasing are about 2-2 1/2 mm in thickness. So rest assured we choose high quality leather that's both lightweight for your cute little ears and thick enough to hold their beautiful shape. 

I lost one of my earrings! Can I purchase just one?  No. Leather is a natural material varying in thickness, texture, and color. Plus, since all of our earrings are individually handcrafted to create a perfect pair it is nearly impossible to match a new earring to an older pair. We recommend always wearing your rubber earring backs provided to you with your order.

Why is there a price difference between your color options?  This is because some colors require several more steps and use more costly materials than others...


When you choose one of our hand "Dyed" Leather Colors such as: Chocolate, Desert Sand, and Tan your leather item is simply dyed, dried, distressed, and sealed only once with a beeswax sealant. When you order any of the other hand "Painted" Colors your item is first dyed in our Chocolate base color, dried, then hand-painted in your choice of acrylic paint sometimes using 2-3 coats, dried again, distressed, and then each piece is sealed at least 15 times with a very temperamental clear acrylic sealant. The difference in cost is really just for your benefit. Initially we were going to keep everything at the same higher price, but decided to give you a $4 break on dyed colors since they don't involve as much work on our part.

My Necklace Chain, Earring Wires, or Bracelet Snaps broke, do you offer repairs? 

It depends. We want to make sure you can enjoy your Sweet Creek Leather jewelry as long as possible, but not all items can be repaired. Please e-mail us further details with images of the broken item(s) to SweetCreekLeather@outlook.com so we can make an evaluation. All repairs are $7 plus shipping. 

Do your earring wires have nickel in them?   No. All of our earrings wires are NICKEL and LEAD FREE which work well for those of you with sensitive ears. In fact many people with sensitive ears have been pleasantly surprised that our Antiqued Brass Earring Wires work even better for them than Gold or Silver. 

Can I get Sterling Silver or Gold Earring Wires instead of  Antiqued Brass?   We do carry Sterling Silver Earring Wires and can add them to your earrings for an additional $4. We do NOT offer Gold at this time. If you would like Sterling Silver Earring Wires please contact us via e-mail and put in a Custom Order request. We will create a special invoice for you to purchase via PayPal. SweetCreekLeather@outlook.com

Do you offer any other color of Bracelet Snaps besides Antiqued Brass?   Yes. We have a brushed nickel snap. If you prefer brushed nickel snaps please let us know in our "notes to seller" section at time of purchase.

What size bracelet should I choose?  Please see our "Sizing" section located on the main menu. To choose your correct bracelet size we recommend you get your exact wrist size without adding any extra length. If you still have questions contact us via e-mail SweetCreekleather@outlook.com

Can you personalize my items by stamping a special name, date, word, or quote?  No.

Due to the volume of orders received, Sweet Creek Leather is no longer accepting Custom requests for personalized stamped work or requests to leave personalized notes with your orders. 

Please contact us with any further questions.

We're  happy to help.

E-mail: sweetcreekleather@outlook.com