About our Colors

Below you'll find just a handful of the beautiful color options Sweet Creek has to offer.


All of our styles automatically come mildly distressed, but you can request any style to be "extra distressed".

You pretty much can get ANY color you see on our website or Instagram page in most styles.

So, if you don't see the color you're after listed as a drop down option, simply select "other" as your color option (if that option is available) and then type your color of choice in the "notes to seller" box prior to check-out. If "other" isn't an option, that just means that particular style is limited to the color combinations shown in the listing photos.


PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT do custom orders. The shapes, styles, and colors offered under each listing are what we have available. We can NOT match colors to your clothing or accessories. Items with multiple colors are limited to the combinations we have shown. So, please read each item's description carefully prior to ordering. 


If you still have questions, please simply shoot us an e-mail. We're happy to help. xx


Blue Lagoon w/ Metallic. Navy Blue w/ Metallic. Cream w/ Metallic.

Chocolate. White Linen. Tan. Hunter Green.

Vintage Gold.

Rustic Black. White Linen *extra distressed. Blue Lagoon w/ Metallic.


Vintage Black. Tan. Chocolate. Desert Sand. Natural.

White Linen.

Teal Lagoon. Tan. White Linen. Desert Sand. Vintage Black.


Vintage Silver.

Thicket. Fawn. Teal Lagoon.


Rustic Black.

Burnt Sienna.

Aqua w/ Rust.

Dried Clay.

Canyon Orange.

Navy Blue.

Sea Breeze. Wild Orchid. Fawn. Rustic Black. Teal Lagoon. Chocolate. White Linen.

Wild Orchid. Sea Breeze. Teal Lagoon. Fawn. White Linen. Coral Shell. Navy Blue. Vintage Gold. Rustic Black. Merlot. Sunflower. Peony Pink.

Aqua w/ Rust. Navy w/ White. White Linen. Chocolate. Fawn.

Sea Green.

Navy w/ White.

Peony Pink.

Coral Blush.

Sea Breeze.

White Linen.

Sunflower Yellow. Teal Lagoon. White Linen.

White Linen. Teal Lagoon. Sea Breeze. Navy Blue.

Desert Sand.



Cream w/ Metallic.