Handmade, stylish, and made to last...

A good friend of mine, Shannon, couldn't seem to find a decent Leather iWatch Band. She purchased several "leather" watchbands on-line and naturally spent quite a bit of money on them. Every single one of them fell apart within just a few weeks of use.


Shannon is not only a total outdoorsie tomboy, but she's also a hair of course her watch bands were subjected to quite a bit of abuse. ha ha. But hey, a watch is meant to be lived in! Since my hubby and I like a good challenge we were inspired to design a fine Leather iWatch Band for her that was both stylish and made to last.

Here's what she said 6 months later when I asked her how it was holding up..."It's holding up SO well! Hair color and water don't effect it. In fact, it's getting better through use! I really appreciate it so much. I love it!" ~Shannon


Our Leather iWatch Bands have our own signature style (of course) and are available for both men and women!

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