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Sweet Creek Leather + Essential Oils

Leather Teardrop Earrings

Essential oils can be beneficial when used both topically and aromatically. They excite your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated. From the sweet fragrance of lavender to the stimulating aroma of citrus you can enjoy diffusing all of your favorite essential oils onto the backsides of your Sweet Creek Leather products.


1- Only apply essential oils to the backsides of your leather jewelry, never the front side.

2- We recommend applying essential oils onto your fingers first (instead of directly onto the leather) then rub your oils onto the backsides of your leather using your fingertips.

3- A little can go a long way. Start by using a very small amount, 1-3 drops. Allow your leather to dry naturally.

4- Vegetable Tanned Leather will darken over time from the natural oils in your skin. Applying essential oils will facilitate this process.

5- Essential Oils will darken your leather and can even possibly cause the color of your leather to look uneven or spotted for awhile. Especially when applying them to the following colors: Desert Sand, Chocolate, Vintage Black, or Tan. So, use a very small amount of oils to the backside when first starting out.

6- It's always best to use pure essential oils that are safe on the skin.

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