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Due to the volume of orders received, Sweet Creek Leather does NOT accepts custom order requests of any kind. This means we do NOT offer any special designs that are not currently ours. We do NOT personalize or stamp any items with names, quotes, dates, words, etc. We also do NOT add any kind of personal notes with your gifts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We thank you for your understanding.


What we CAN DO...Some of our items are only sold seasonally so if you see an item you love, but it's not available, please feel free to reach out. Sometimes we can offer it depending on our work load.


YES we can make any style of our Leather Jewelry in any color(s) of your choice as long as the particular color(s) you are wanting are found somewhere on our website.


YES. We can make your bracelets in any size you need (XXS-XXXL). So, if you don't see your size don't worry. Just e-mail us your request and we'll make it happen. 


YES. If you don't see a specific item on our website that you're looking for, don't worry. Just put in a request. Often times we can still make them for you.

Please leave us a detailed message below as to your request and we'll get back to you soon.

Success! Message received.

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